2pcs of sorting cranes GDMJ 3,2t/6m, with a cabin and weighing

Year of realization 2003
Customer ŽDB a. s.
Place of installation ŽDB a. s., Plant of Topenářská technika VIADRUS
Range of delivery 2 pcs double girder bridge cranes, including scales  

Original sorting crane


Production of crane GDMJ 3,2t/6m


New bridge crane GDMJ 3,2t/6m after mounting

Bridge crane GDMJ - 3,2 t, 6m, mountingBridge crane GDMJ 3,2 tBridge crane GDMJ after mountingBridge crane GDMJ 3,2 m, after mountingBridge crane GDMJ, after mountingBridge crane GDMJ - 3,2 t, 6m after mounting