GIGAmatic – overload switch + monitoring


Tensiometric over-load cut-out GIGAmatic serves for: 

  • protection of lifting mechanism against overloading
  • weighing the load and visualization of it in PC
  • monitoring of operational and reduced hours of the lifting mechanism
  • setting the time delay during switching on the high lifting speed
  • switching over to the Static Test mode
gigamatic-overload switchGIGAmatic5128 (13)

GIGAmatic with software GIGAsoft usualy offers following functions:

Stores history of events in the memory EEPROM which enables to store data even without extern power supply for the period of min. 10 years. Further, enables to:
  • overrun adjustable limit of load
  • control connection of a tensiometric sensor
  • switchning over to the mode „static test“ through logical input (key, button,...)
  • calibrate the tensiometric sensor by means of hardware buttons TL1 and TL2
  • switchning off the safety relay at overloading
Besides of that, registrates:
  • working time of the hoist or the crane
  • working time of the lifting mechanism
  • reduced time of the lifting mechanism (rh)
  • number of switching on the lifting brake

Examples of screens in GIGAsoft for GIGAmatic

GIGAmatic monitored parametersGIGAmatic settingsGIGAmatic monitoring

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