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Environmental policy of GIGA, spol. s r.o.

The company and its management understand environmental policy as a long-term plan and commitment to all stakeholders, both to customers, suppliers, government agencies, employees, but also to the general public and the environment.

The purpose of this commitment is to continuously improve the company's management system with a focus on environmental protection and, as a result, to constantly reduce the negative impact of the company's activities, products and services on the environment, including the implementation of pollution prevention measures.

The company GIGA spol. s r.o. undertakes to apply the following principles of the environmental management system (EMS) for environmental protection:

-       to permanently apply an environmental approach in all areas of its activity and to consider this as a key issue for the further development of society,

-       comply with applicable legislation and requirements of customers and other stakeholders,

-       permanently reduce the negative effects of a. S. Activities on the environment,

-       reduce energy, material and raw material intensity of production,

-       inform, motivate and educate employees to protect the environment,

-       monitor, document and increase the level of environmental protection in the company, monitor the effects of activities, services and products on the environment.

This environmental policy is binding for all employees of the company.

The quality system of GIGA, spol. s.r.o.  relates to the development, production, assembly, repairs and reconstructions of all production of the company  - electric wire-rope (hoists,  chain hoists),  single-girder bridge cranes  anddouble-girder bridge cranes  and crane ways, etc. 

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