GIGAcontrol 241 System

GIGAcontrol 241 System

The control system GIGAcontrol 241 is a complex solution for the control of bridge cranes, which complies with demanding requirements for the use of bridge cranes in the Industry 4.0 conditions.
This absolutely new device GIGAcontrol 241 provides monitoring of operation of bridge cranes (similarly as the previous type - GIGAtronic) and also their complete control.
It includes monitoring of the state of particular components with a possibility of diagnostics of their actual state, of setting parameters, including configuration of frequency inverters with a possibility to change parameters and evaluate disorders via remote access. By this, in case of on-line connection to Internet, the crane is able to send itself needed data on its state, on necessity to carry out ongoing service inspections or regular maintenance, as well as information on actual disorders. These messages may be sent to a superior information system of the runner, who might process the data for his internal needs.
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Description of the solution

The solution is based on PLC from the platform of EcoStruxure Machine – Modicon M241 with inbuilt Ethernet and CANopen communication.
The base can be extended with help of additional I/O modules or via communication by means of a remote isle of I/O modules.
The used Ethernet switch enables simple setting of parameters and activation of the crane, service works and possilbe extenstion within „Industry 4.0”.
Control and monitoring of frequency inverters Altivar is implemented by means of an integrated interface of PLC, which enables the use of the FDR function.
This function ensures possible replacement of a frequency inverter without necessity of its configuration (it is enough just to set the name of the inverter).
The remote isle of I/O modules inside the hoist enables connection of tensiometric and other sensors (signals) to PLC via CANopen communication with significantly simpler cabling.
The proper PLC has an integrated slot for a SD card (max. 32GB), which is determined for downloading/uploading the application SW PLC, or writing the operation data of the crane (for example: time, date, performed action of the crane, disorder, etc.). Data which can be saved in SD card, have standard text format (easily readable by a text program in PC).

Main benefits

  • Easy setting of parameters and adjustment of a crane, including activation of special functions, such as synchronization of lift of two hoists (controlled by frequency inverters), anti-swing system, etc.
  • Simplification of cabling with the help of a remote isle I/O modules inside the hoist, which communicates with the main switchboard of the crane via CANopen communication.
  • Saving of electric energy, place and possible need in cooling as a result of the use of a recuperation unit for the lift mechnisms, which are controlled by frequency inverters.
  • Integrated FDR (Fast Device Replacement) function, enabling service replacement of a frequency inverter without necessity of its configuration.
  • Possibility to save operation data directly to a SD card in PLC
  • Simple extensibility by remote administration and/or on-line data collection (SW EcoStruxure Machine Advisor or other) – Industry 4.0 „ready”.
  • Easy application of extended reality in order to simplify detection of disorders or service work (SW EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor).

Demonstration of the new GIGAcontrol 241 control system in the International Engineering Trade Fair MSV 2019 Brno 

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