Positioning the hoist or/and the bridge

The hoist`s or crane bridge`s positions are measured by means of laser (the laser are to be installed on the bridge, reflex element - on the hoist). This signal is transferred to the GIGAtronic input. On the other inputs there are transferred signals of moving direction and, in case of inverter control, signal of speed as well.  
Output signals are transferred either on the contactor of moving (in case of contactor control), or on the inverter for travelling (in case of inverter control). There are two modes of control - manual and automatic. 
In automatic mode, the hoist (the bridge of the crane) stops in the chosen position (up to 15 positions could be chosen) which can be set on the remote control panel. In case of inverter control, the inverter operates on the base of signals from GIGAtronic, and speed is always changed when the hoist is approaching to the required position. This guarantees fluent approaching and stopping the hoist.    
GIGAsoft has a special window for setting and editing in which you can enter distances of separate positions..
Radio control with positioningSetting of positioning in GIGAsoftLaser for positioning

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