Load weighing

For purposes of technological weighing the load,. there are used signals from tensiometer sensor , which is usually a part of the hoist GIGA. The signals are evaluated by the device GIGAtronic. For displaying the weight itself you need only our display which. The weight can be also displayed on displays of remote radio control transmitters, which are fitted for this purpose. It is a technological weighing with the accuracy of +/-1% from the nominal lifting capacity of the crane under condition of using of the TARA function.. The weighing function is supplied including the calibration report.

The weight value can be displayed:

  • by extern segment display 

Extern display:

  • Displays the weight of the load - brutto and netto
  • Displays service messages
  • The number of symbols: 4, 5 or 6
  • The height of the symbols: 75 mm or 101 mm
  • Electric cover IP40 or IP 65

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