Quality Policy

GIGA, s.r.o. considers quality as matter-of-fact characteristics of its products and services. A needed condition of high quality of the products is quality of all related processes and services. The company’s management is conscious that the quality and behavior of each company‘s employee the significantly influences success of the company itself in the demanding competitive environment.

Principles of the quality policy:

  • The quality and a high level of products and provided services subject  to maintaining legislative and technical regulations is a commonplace  . 

  • Our business priority is a satisfied customer.  The basic precondition for this is updated and accurate knowledge of the customer’s  requirements.

  • To increase the prestige and foster the goodwill of the company it is necessary to provide the customer with quality information on offered products and services.

  • The quality of the offered products has been integrated as the basic element of management to all its functions and company activities. 

  • Responsible approach to the implementation of activities and ongoing improvement of the quality of processes and products must be the basic credo of every employee’s work.

  • When solving risks to a product quality, a preventive approach. is given priority. Employees are obliged to solve every risk of harm to quality immediately or, as the case may be, to announce it to their superior.

  • The high demands of quality are also applied to supplier organisations . They are concurrently encouraged to apply such approaches which are in concord with the quality management system.

  • When applying innovation approaches to products or production technologies, one of the main criteria of evaluation is the impact on the quality of the end product  and only the most favorable versions are selected for implementation.
To ensure the above mentioned intentions, an efficient quality system according to standard ČSN EN ISO 9001 has been developed, maintained and continuously improved at GIGA, s.r.o. The company’s management is responsible for quality to be an integral part of the corporate objectives and decision-making processes. It creates necessary conditions to implement this policy and ensures necessary sources.

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