GIGAtronic - complete monitoring


GIGAtronic TWD on the base of PLC Schneider Electric serves for: 

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GIGAtronic with GIGAsoft software usually offers the following functions:  

  • Complete monitoring the two hoists installed on the same bridge crane
  • Number of working cycles of the main and auxiliary lifting mechanisms
  • Travelled way for monitored groups (hoist, bridge) 
  • Number of switching on for all monitored drives
  • Bridge and Hoist`s working time
  • Data about the crane or hoist loading spectrum, including calculation of reduced operation hours 
  • Maintenance intervals for a lot of components of the crane, including signalization with visualization. 
  • History of overloading and alarm states with real date and time
  • RS 232 Communication by means of communication cable or wireless communication by means of GSM modem, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Radio modem
  • Viewing the actual weight on the extern segment display (tare, brutto and netto) 
  • Viewing the actual weight on the lighted display of radio remote control panel
  • Viewing the statuses of remote inputs and outputs
  • Automatic restart in case of failure of communication
  • Photo archive for every installation (for example, photos of production plates, general view of the crane etc.) 
  • Wireless print of weighing protocols, including sophisticated data base
  • Switching over between up to 3 overloading levels
  • Common switching off the two lifting mechanisms in synchronous mode
  • Special mode for synchronous operation of grab lifting mechanisms
  • Sending the weight into other technological complexes
  • Visualization can be carried out to the extern graphic terminal
  • Control of frequency inverters by means of RS 485 Modbus
  • All cranes which are already operated and which are equipped with GIGAtronic can be additionally equipped with radio remote control with weight displaying

Examples of screens GIGAsoft for GIGAtronic:

Print of weighing labels for craneList of cranes, hoistsRed. Working hours and time till maintenanceMonitoring of crane, hoistsCalibration of crane, hoistscrane, hoist

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