Open Type Crab Trolleys (Open Winches)

We design and produce  opent type crab trolleys (open winches) on the base of your individual requirements. The winches are to be used both for cranes GIGA and for cranes of other producers. The open winches are equipped with highest quality components, which guarantee long operation life and reliability of the lifting mechanism.
In case of heavy-duty applications (i.e. grab, magnet cranes), the GIGA winches are usually equipped with so called grab-rope guiders and pressure cylinders, which reliably press the wire-rope to the rope drum even whilst swinging. Examples of open winches.

3D models of winches

Winch GWF 40t-4x2/1-15M,D_4821-16Winch GWF 165t-25t_3519-15Winch GWF 8t-4/2-9M_5035-17Winch GWF 5t-4/2-15M_4969-17Winch GWF 120t_3519-09
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Other electric wire-rope hoists GHM series

We produce electric wire rope hoists in two-speed hoists (marked as GHM) or hoists with stepless speed regulation by means of a static frequency inverters (marked as GHF).

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