Special Bridge Cranes


We produce cranes

  • with spread traverses equipped by magnets
  • with commercial or technological weighing 
  • with precise synchronization of the lift of two hoists
  • for metallurgical stock warehouse of material with rope stabilization 
  • for demanding working conditions (zinc works, galvanic works etc.) 
  • with rotary hoists
  • with cantilever hoists
  • grab cranes
  • special cranes according to the customer’s requirements
  • with control from a cabin

3D models of special bridge cranes

GDMJ 2,5+2,5t-22,950m_5060-17GKMJ 10t+10t-22,2m_magnety_4951-17-2GKMJ 10t+10t-22,2m_magnety_4951-17-1GDMJ 5t-23,25m_special underhung trolley_4369-15GDMJ 5t-18m_kabina_drapak_4969-17GDMJ 5t-16,5m_3,2 t_cabin_for grap and magnet_4738-16GDMJ 25t-9,55m_4937-17GDMJ_20t-13,85m_magnety_kabina_5247-18-5
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