Electric Chain Hoists, series CH


Standard equipment of hoists

  • Hoist capacity: up to 2000 kg
  • The following types of hoist can be supplied: stationary, with hook suspension, with manual trolley, with electric trolley
  • Lifting height: from 3m up to (depending on model) 21m
  • Lifting speed: two-speed (with micro-lifting)
  • Travel speed of the hoists: two-speed - 5/20 m/min
  • Control: with a pendant station with two-position push-buttons
  • Plastic box for chain
  • Overload switch: slip clutch
  • End-limit switches: its function is performed by means of the slip clutch
  • Minimum beam radius:1,5m
  • Operation voltage / control voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz
  • Ambient temperature: -5 to +40 °C (indoor environment)

3D models of electric chain hoists

Electric chain hoist CH3 2000.5-JE, 2-1_maxiElectric chain hoist CH3 2000.5-S, 2-1Electric chain hoist CH3 2000.5-JE, 2-1
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Other series of electric hoists

We produce electric wire rope hoists in two-speed hoists (marked as GHM) or hoists with stepless speed regulation by means of a static frequency inverters (marked as GHF).

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