Wheel units for bridge cranes


Complete end-carriages for bridge cranes

  • Wheels of GIGA´s end carriages  are from dactile cast iron GGG-70 which is characterized by excellent mechanical properties, and that guarantees a long working life of the wheels and a crane way
  • High-quality drive  (gear-motor) provides a high quality and reliability of the end carriages and travel units of GIGA
  • End carriages‘ and wheel travels‘ drive consists of one-speed motors with a brake and frequency inverter. This combination provides maximum comfort of the travel drives. 
  • End carriages‘ and wheel travels‘ speed can reach 250 m/min. It is possible to supply drives with two-speed motors and a gear-boxes for travel speed of 5/20 or 10/40 m/min. This solution suits for travelling of hoists with double girder crane crab. 

3D models

3d model of end carriages3D models of end carriagesEnd carriage of GIGA3D model of end carriages3D model of end carriagesEnd carriage
Due to technical development, the manufacturer reserves the right for changes, which improve useful properties of the product and at the same time reliably fulfill technical safety-related regulations and recommendations.

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