Double Girder Bridge Crane GDMJ 2,5t+2,5t/22,95m for Constellium Extrusions Děčín

Year of realization 2017
Customer Constellium Extrusions Děčín s.r.o.
Place of installation Provozovna společnosti Constellium Extrusions Děčín s.r.o., Děčín
Rozsah dodávky
Delivery and mounting of a double girder bridge crane, type GDMJ 2,5t+2,5t/22,950m
Span: 22,95m
Total / each hoist lifting capacity: 5t / 2,5t+2,5t
Is equipped with two the same GIGA hoists, type GHM 5000-16-2/1-6M,Z with low headroom design
Control: radio with two-position joysticks, with a sling for the fixation around a waist, with a switch: hoist 1, 1+2, 2
Each hoist has a basket for maintaning the lighting in the production hall
The hoist travel has an option to delimit of one prohibited zone.

Manufacturing of Bridge Crane GDMJ 2,5t+2,5t/22,95m

Vyroba jerabu GDMJ 2,5t+2,5t-22,95m_3Vyroba jerabu GDMJ 2,5t+2,5t-22,95m_2Vyroba jerabu GDMJ 2,5t+2,5t-22,95m_1

Bridge Crane GDMJ 2,5t+2,5t/22,95m in operation

Jerab GDMJ 2,5t+2,5t-22,95m v provozu_2Jerab GDMJ 2,5t+2,5t-22,95m v provozu_1Jerab GDMJ 2,5t+2,5t-22,95m v provozu_3