Double girder bridge crane GDMJ 2x3,2t/18,52m ALCAN Děčín

Year of realization 2004
Customer ALCAN Děčín Extrusions s.r.o
Place of installation
Production plant of ALCAN Děčín Extrusions s.r.o, Děčín
Range of delivery
Double girder bridge crane of GIGA, type GDMJ 2x3,2t/18,52m.
The crane is equipped with a trolley with two same GIGA wire rope hoists.
The trolley is equipped with a foot-bridge for servicing the lighting lamps in the hall.
Crane parameters:
Span - 18,52 m
Lifting height - 4,9m
Group classification - A6
Lifting speed of each hoist - 1,6/10 m/min
Travel speed of each hoist - 5 m/min
Travel speed of the trolly - 0...30 m/min
Travel speed of the crane - 0...60 m/min
Voltage network - 3x 500V, 50Hz

Bridge crane GDMJ 2x3,2t/18,52m in operation

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