Double girder gantry crane GDMJ 40t/11,5m pro METROSTAV, Ejpovice

Year of realization 2014
Customer METROSTAV a.s. division 5
Place of installation Areál I.P.P.E., Ejpovice tunnels
Project "Modernizace trati Rokycany - Plzeň". Crane serves for manipulation with concrete rings for the construction of the railway tunnel
Range of delivery
Delivery and mounting of a double girder gantry crane GPMJ 40t/11,5m 
main crane parameters:
-capacity: 40t
-span: 11.500 mm + outhang 3900mm
-lifting height 12m
-control: from a cabin
-lifting speed : 0,6/4 m/min
-hoist travel speed: 2-18 m/min – smooth speed regulation
-bridge travel speed: 6-60 m/min – smooth speed regulation
-crane is equipped with a GIGA electric hoist, type GHM 20000-14-2x4/1-12M,D
-crane is equipped with a GIGAtronicTWD device for monitoring of crane operational state in accordance with ČSN ISO 12482-1.

Double girder gantry crane GDMJ 40t/11,5m during operation

Double girder gantry crane GDMJ 40t-11,5m during operationDouble girder gantry crane GDMJ 40t-11,5m during operationDouble girder gantry crane GDMJ 40t-11,5m during operation

Preliminary mounting of the crane in Příšovice

portalovy-jerab-gpmj-40t-11-5m-predmontaz-5portalovy-jerab-gpmj-40t-11-5m-predmontaz-4portalovy-jerab-gpmj-40t-11-5m-predmontaz-3portalovy-jerab-gpmj-40t-11-5m-predmontaz-2portalovy-jerab-gpmj-40t-11-5m-predmontaz-1Delivery of a double girder bridge crane with a capacity of 40t for Metrostav

Mounting of the crane in Ejpovice