Special Wire Rope Hoists


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Please, advise us of your requirements and we will endeavour to give you our technical solution, your requirement is out desire. Photo gallery of electric hoists.

3D models of special electric wire-rope hoists

Winch GSF 5025-20-4x2/1-33M,D_4635-16GWF 50t(2x25t)_4228-14GSF 5025-12-4x2-1-33M,K,2B_4951-17Electric wire-rope hoist – single-rail GHM 5000-20-4-1-6M,R_5206-18
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Other electric wire-rope hoists GHM series

We produce electric wire rope hoists in two-speed hoists (marked as GHM) or hoists with stepless speed regulation by means of a static frequency inverters (marked as GHF).

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