Crane-PC communication

Communication between crane and computer can be ensured by:
  • Communication cable RS232  
  • Radio modem GIGA  
  • Blue-tooth
  • GSM modem 
GIGAtronic - communication

Communication cable RS 232:

  • serves for straight connection the GIGAtronic or GIGAmatic to a PC
  • communication distance depends on the cable length; usually we deliver cables with length of 10 m
Communication cable RS 232

Radio modem GIGA:

  • serves for communication between the crane and the PC - distance up to 1 km (in case of direct visibility of antennas)
  • data which were obtained by means of the modem could be used for example as ground for inspection and revision reports, for service purposes, etc.
  • one USB-MASTER radio modem installed on a PC could communicate with up to 10 cranes equipped with COM-SLAVE radio modems
  • it is also possible to use cyclic loading the data to GIGAsoft, which can be later used for evaluation of the cranes utilization
  • in case of connection with a control element for sending and taring the weight, the modems are used for creation of weight-registering reports with a summary archive in GIGAsoft
GIGA radio modemGIGA modem slave , installed - 3497


  • serves for wireless connection of a crane to a PC by means of Blue-tooth port
  • communication distance can be up to 10m

GSM modem: 

  • serves for communication of a crane with a PC by means of GSM net
  • communication can be provided practically on unlimited distance; only condition is existence of signal of appropriate mobile phone net
GSM modem

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