Conditions of web-site using

The runner of the internet pages of (hereunder referred as the Pages) is GIGA, spol. s r.o. (hereunder referred as the Runner), that is – in accordance with Law No. 121/2000 Sb., Copyright Code (hereunder referred as the Copyright Code) – entitled to perform the ownership rights toward these Pages. It is prohibited to copy whatever parts of the content, appearance or program code of the Pages without its prior consent.

The Runner hereby issues the conditions for the use of the Pages (hereunder referred as the Conditions). These Conditions are related to all persons who intend to use the Pages.

It is prohibited to intervene however into the technical substance of the Pages without a consent of the Runner. Only the Runner has a right to make decision about a change, removal or addition of whatever part of the Pages.

Some of the information published in the Pages are picked over by the Runner from other sources, which it assumes to be trustful. In spite of it, the Runner is in no case responsible for correctness and actuality of all published information.

All information published in this page has an only informative character.

Only the Runner is entitled to change and complete these Conditions. Legal relationships, which occurred before a change or cancelling of the Conditions between the Runner and a user of these pages, are governed by the wording valid by the date of the occurrence of these relationships.

The Conditions were published on 10/3/2017 and they are valid and effective since this date.

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