Realizované elektrické kladkostroje

3612-11_GHM 5000,D nizka kockaGHM 5000-20-4-1-9M,Z, 5144-18 Metso Minerals France_outdoorGHM 3201-20-4-1-12M,R, 5169-18 Metso Minerals_outdoor_rotary carriages_radioWire-rope hoists GIGA - with rope stabilization on magnet traverseWire-rope hoists GIGA - GHM outdoor, with a shelterHoists GIGA type GHM capacity 20tHoists GIGA – rotary hoistHoists GIGA – hoist with rope stabilizationHoists GIGA - hoist GIGA for automotive industryHoists GIGA - electric wire-rope hoist, type GHM 3201Hoists GIGA - crab electric wire-rope hoist of GHM seriesHoist GHM - cantilever 10t with rope stabilizationHoist GHM 5t with service bucketHoist GHM 3201Electric wire-rope hoists GHM 5000-20-4-1-9M,J – single-railGHM 20000-16-4-1-6M,DElectric wire-rope hoists GIGA - crab electric wire-rope hoistElectric wire-rope hoists GIGA – single-rail, with rope stabilization on magnet traverseElectric wire-rope hoists GIGA - cantilever, with rope stabilizationElectric wire-rope hoists GIGA - crabElectric wire-rope hoists GIGA - crab of GHM series, with a cable drum for magnet controlElectric wire-rope hoists GIGA - crab GHM, outdoor, with a shelter